Create a business plan by yourself or with the help of a Piedmont SCORE mentor.

Use our free resources or lease your own software from Live Plan with our discount.




Use SCORE templates to create your plans.

Templates in MS Word for the written part and Excel for the financial documents; all formulars complete, just enter data.

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Visit a Piedmont SCORE Business Plan Center with your mentor.

We have 3 locations in the Upstate to sit down and receive hands on experience with the software package Live Plan. Live Plan is cloud based planning software that upon completion, will give users a professionaly looking presentation. Clients must have, at least, one session with a mentor before making an appointment. All sessions are by appointment and clients will use our license at no charge. We send you home with a link to finish your plan at home.

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Purchase your own LivePlan license.

It can be benificial to use our Business Plan Center at no cost; but purchasing a personal license is more convienient and allows clients to work on a plan using their own timetable. Using the discount through our web site the software costs $10.83 per month. We still reccommend retaining the services of a Piedmont SCORE mentor to review and polish your plan. click here.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan.


Research other plans to use as a guide.